Published on 24 Jul 2016

If the TRUTH will set us free. Then it becomes very important that we know this truth. Deception is very much the tool of Satan. Has your church taught you anything wrong that would lead you way off base in the end? perhaps it is not that you misunderstand the bible, you know very well that the Father of the Jews is angry and has all these laws that condemn you, that is not the problem. The problem may be that you believe he is YOUR Father. Our Father is LIGHT and there is not darkness in him. He is LOVE, and there is no wrath. He loves all. Jesus loved all, and condemned the Righteous Pharisee. They thought Father loved proud righteous people, but instead he loves all humans equally and even harlots and tax collectors. Everyone is a child of the Father of Jesus. We are no part of this world, and we are not under the laws of this world, or Moses. Because we are heirs of a NEW kingdom and we are born again and are new creatures in Christ.


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