Re-Imagining Jesus

Video about Joshua Beb Joseph, or Jesus of Nazareth

Efforts to understand Jesus apart from the mythological elements of the Christian story have been ongoing for more than two hundred years. From detailed analyses of the political and economic context in which he lived to exegetical forays into obscure combinations of Biblical passages, a satisfactory understanding has yet to emerge.

Re-Imagining Jesus attempts to contribute to this conversation by considering his life relative to his values–values which can be discovered in an examination of the way he approached his public work and the primary concepts he attempted to communicate in his teachings.

While Christianity has become primarily a religion about Jesus, we might know him better if we ask about his religion–what were the values to which he was most loyal in his life? What was his primary objective in his teaching?

Re-Imagining Jesus addresses these questions following a contextualizing review of basic events in Judeo-Christian history prior to his appearance.

Re-Imagining Jesus is a non-academic portrayal of these issues intended to stimulate reflection and discussion in a lay audience. The film contains beautiful footage of places off the beaten tourist path which relate to the Jesus story. 3D terrain mapping software is used to enrich viewer’s geographic orientation.

Filmed in Israel and Jordan by experienced nature videographer David Kantor and enhanced with music composed and performed by ordained Interfaith Minister and two-time Emmy Award winner Gary Deinstadt, Re-Imagining Jesus provides a refreshing, aesthetic, spiritually compelling portrayal of Jesus in his environment that goes far beyond the traditional “Where Jesus Walked” documentaries.

Re-Imagining Jesus is based on the new biography of Jesus in The Urantia Book and has a running time of 93 minutes. While the film only briefly mentions The Urantia Book, it nevertheless also serves as a lay introduction to Urantia Book Christology.


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