The Urantia Book a Revelation From Jesus?

Published on 3 Sep 2012
Many people are hearing about The Urantia Book and wondering what it is? I hope this Video will give you a ‘good review’ of the most wonderful book on earth! You will learn the highlights of the contents of the book and who wrote it and how it was delivered to our world in the 1930’s and published in 1955. Since then many have discovered the book and read it in it’s entirety to discover it is more than a book but a revelation to our planet….a communication- if you will- from God for each individual on the planet! You will need to read, ponder and pray about it so you will have the testimony of truth that many already have from their study of this beautiful revelation. You’ve heard of the word Serendipity? Where one goes in search of something good and then you discover something better and more beautiful than you ever expected? Well, that is what this book will be to you if you are a sincere person who has desired to live a righteous life and have always been searching and wanting to learn more. If you are a person who likes to argue and find fault with others and always think you are right about everything, then this book will be a challenge for you. If you allow it to, it will humble you and you will be made aware of a fragment of God within you that has been waiting for you to get over your self and meet the Divine in you and be teachable.
I pray you will enjoy this video and it will attract you to downloading the book or buy the book or borrowing it at the library and discovering the pearls of great price that it contains. Don’t be quick to criticize. With patience read it completely, (it took me six months the first time I read it in 1967) and pay attention to the caution in this quote: “Truth often becomes confusing and even misleading when it is dismembered, segregated, isolated, and too much analyzed. Living truth teaches the truth seeker aright only when it is embraced in wholeness and as a living spiritual reality, not as a fact of material science or an inspiration of intervening art.” page 2075….That is something to ponder…..

The Narrative has been written by Urantian Artist with a few direct quotes from The Urantia Book. I also have a quote from William Whitehead from his wonderful website writings – in particular his testimony: “The Book Sings.” Simple Man’s Urantia Book. (A Simple Man’s Understanding of the Most Wonderful Book on Earth)…

The soft background piano music is, “My Angel,” from the Album, Celestial Morning, by Henry Chandra. The same piano music continues throughout the video.
The last six and a half minutes is Henry Chandra’s, “Journey Through The Stars” from the same album, Celestial Morning.
The illustrations are from New Testament illustrations and using Google images and hubble images and magazine pictures I have saved for years.
I hope you will enjoy it and it will motivate you to discover the most wonderful book on earth.

If you have any questions you can always write me:


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