Christ Michael – Prince of Urantia/ Earth

  Revelation to Mankind Enya – Shepherd Moons ENYA – JOURNEY OF THE ANGELS with lyrics on video + FULL HD Paradise Value Credits®© Jesus Christ was the bestowal of Michael the Creator Son of this universe “Nebadon” Chris Dwaine Christensen AKA: “Majestone©” & Mechalona Evelyn Christensen AKA: “The Divine Minister” Primary Husband […]

The Urantia Book a Revelation From Jesus?

Published on 3 Sep 2012 Many people are hearing about The Urantia Book and wondering what it is? I hope this Video will give you a ‘good review’ of the most wonderful book on earth! You will learn the highlights of the contents of the book and who wrote it and how it was delivered […]

The Urantia Book tells us what happens AFTER WE DIE

2:57 / 1:15:30 UrantianArtist Published on 26 Feb 2013 Death’s Doorway to our Divine Destiny What happens after death? Recently I was prompted to do research in the Urantia Revelation and gather together the many quotes that tell about what will happen after we die and the wonderful plan and adventure our Heavenly Father has […]